We are the exclusive and certified partners of PRO SITE anti-collision system for tower cranes in Hungary, which system is developed and produced by our French partner, SMIE.

The development of the system was required by the increased workplace safety and work organization demands regarding cranes installed on construction sites.

With the help of installed and mounted sensors and receivers on each tower cranes on the site the radio signals coming from the devices are collected in a shared computer system.

With the help of the sensors and receivers installed on the cranes, the radio signals coming from the devices are collected in a shared computer system.

If the PRO SITE system senses danger based on its calculations will overwrite the given command of the crane driver in order to stop the movement of the crane still in the right time, making the collision impossible.

The cranes can be operated manually through the control centre. The crane operators can follow the movements of every crane through their monitors, and the customer can analyse the received data through multiple peripheral displays.

The great advantage is that – even from the ground – the installed system can operate the tower cranes on construction sites at the highest level of security and prevent their collision.

Furthermore, it constantly provides data on their workload and efficiency, while monitoring their movements and lifts, making possible to assess of their performance, efficiently supporting the work of logistics professionals of the construction.

Evotech provides the design, installation, programming, operation and maintenance (software update) of the PRO SITE system.